No, for reals. He is actually broadcasting his total failure, now even as a campaigner. The one thing he used to be good at!

The campaigner in chief, now with even more fail.

Dude. What. A. Loser. It had to be said.

100 fundraisers in one year alone. Gee, what happened, Mr. Unprecedented? No one but your swanky Hollywood buddies want to fork over any dough? Hey, here’s a thought: Maybe no one has any cash money due to the staggering unemployment and worsening economy, thanks to you?

Guess what? The victim in chief is also lying.

And, of course, the media is enabling his victim-y whining.

Cover your eyes! It’s icky conservative money. Egads!

It won’t work, though. This is just another desperate attempt by a floundering failure. America doesn’t like failures, toots. It likes winners. Face it, champ. That isn’t you.

And your wife whining about your lack of “date nights” while everyone else is worried about putting food on the table for their children is offensive and unbelievably out of touch.

But, hey, she probably gets that from you. You are busy putting while Rome burns and she wants to be busy dining out.

Time for another disgraceful attempt to have people cough up their wedding gifts to Obama’s campaign?

This Twitter user puts President Obama’s pathetic whine in a nutshell.

We’d call the waaahm-bulance for you, but we can’t afford to put gas in it, President Fail.