Seriously, how are our aching sides going to last through November? Stop, Democrats, and let us at least catch our breaths!

First, President Obama broadcast his own failures by whining about how no one will send him any of their cash money. Now, the Democratic National Convention may not even happen in its entirety. Why? No cash.

And, no interest! Everyone is bailing, including Senator Claire McCaskill. Mr. Unprecedented becomes Mr. Radioactive.

What a difference a few years, and an utter failure of a presidency, make!

Oh, please let them hold it anyway so we can see some hilarious photos. Likely as many attendees as their “awesome” Romney Roadshow events. Gasping for breath!

Twitter users step up to the plate to offer the DNC some much needed advice. And, you know, mocking.

And, a trending hashtag: #BetterThanAttendingDNConvention (and #BetterThanAttendingDNCConvention)

Oh, man. That smarts!

Oh, my. Make that happen!

And keep them coming, Twitter.

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