An alleged grown man who still calls himself “Mikey?” Oh, dear. “Mikey” joined the likes of the bigoted bully Dan Savage, who will not tolerate gay Republicans. That is not allowed. The Left wants people to believe that political ideology and sexuality are  permanently tied together and cannot be separated. By some sort of dark magic or something. Science-deniers! One’s sexuality must dictate one’s political beliefs in the same way that a fancy womb must dictate whether or not one is pro-abortion. If they don’t, you are “self-loathing” if gay and a gender-traitor, if a woman.

Dare to step off of this revolting line? Punishment.

Reaction to Musto rolled in swiftly.

What? Thinking for oneself? That does not suit! The Left insists that people enslave themselves in the boxes that the Left has made for them. If they fail to walk in lockstep, the attempted punitive shaming begins. Those who value individuality and understand that people can have minds of their own were quick to point out that this is typical behavior from the bigoted Left.

Exactly. Tolerance for thee, but not for me, as always. More from BuzzFeed:

Michael Musto, the Village Voice’s longtime nightlife columnist, wrote on his blog today that the gay Republican group GOProud are like “Jewish Nazis” or “Black Klan members” because of their endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Musto writes:

So, here’s to you and your bizarre contradictions, GoProud.

You’re like Jewish Nazis!

Black Klan members!

Women who campaign for Rush Limbaugh

Mexican Republicans!

Roaches who moonlight as exterminators!

Blech, go away.

Sigh. Women, minorities, gay people: All must toe the leftist line or the shaming begins. Why did the attempted shaming begin this time? Hurry, get the children out of the room; this is super scary stuff … GOProud dared to endorse Mitt Romney for President. Oh, the horror. We are still quaking with fear!

And that is part of the Left’s problem right there. They are panicking and keep exposing themselves in the midst of stompy foot temper tantrums. They are terrified because their reprehensible scare tactics and disgusting attempts to force people into the boxes they’ve created for them are failing. The sole intent here was an attempt to marginalize and shame those who stray too far from the plantation. It is the exact same thing that they do when they constantly try to sexualize or dehumanize conservative women: Punitive shaming.

Bingo. The right understands that people, gay or straight, are individuals. With thoughts and beliefs of their very own.  People are funny like that! This is not allowed, according to the Left. See, even the slightest hint that gay people don’t all think alike is a danger to the bigoted and homophobic Left. They aren’t For the Gays ™. They are only for using gay people. If they can’t use you for their own gain, you are of no value to them.

Of course, the Left jumped in to help Musto ride the train further into Vile-town.

“Mikey” responded to GOProud on Twitter.

Wow. Bigoted, homophobic and puerile beyond belief. Quite the trifecta there, Mikey Musto!

Ha! The president doesn’t care about gay pride (unless it’s a money-making scheme), only “Obama pride.”