Oh, dear. The cuckoo pants is strong in this one. Writer, producer, and director Judd Apatow took to Twitter this morning to rant about the United States Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision handed down today.

Um. Honey, we know this is hard to comprehend, but some people actually value The Constitution and freedom of speech. Not everyone looks at every issue just to see how it will benefit them personally. The real world is hard.

You mean like the Democrats and President Obama? Well, on that we can agree!

Put your faith in Hollywood! Arbiters of all and experts on everything.

Shadowy groups, buying up the United States.

Conspiracies! How very Illuminati! Or, to illustrate using a Hollywood reference, perhaps these rich old men are meeting at The Meadows? Do they call themselves “The Pentavirate,” by chance?

Is there fluoride in that water?

There is something insane, but it’s not the Supreme Court decision. Still, he keeps going.

Free speech should have limits! Or something.

Ah! There’s the real reason. It may hurt precious The One. Isn’t that all that really matters? First Amendment, Shmirst Amendment! It’s okay when he gives money to the DNC or when Pig Maher gives a million to an Obama SuperPAC. Misogynists are excused from limits, we guess.

And Big Daddy government needs to set those limits for people, right? They take away your freedom because they love you. You might hurt yourself with it! How dare people try to decide anything for themselves?

Bless your heart. Stick to make-believe. You seem to prefer it to the real world anyway.

Twitter users agree and “knock him up” with some truth.