A huge victory for free speech in Maryland today. After being muzzled by a judge with no regard for First Amendment rights, blogger Aaron Walker has been granted an emergency stay and can return to blogging and tweeting about convicted bomber and serial harasser Brett Kimberlin.

More from Patterico:

Aaron tells me by phone that the word is Judge Rupp signed the order, modifying the peace order against Aaron to let him speak publicly about Kimberlin.

Ace notes that this temporary stay will be reviewed on July 5.

[E]mergency relief (as here) is usually given only when there is a “substantial” likelihood of prevailing on the ultimate merits, so, at the moment, it seems likely the peace order will be struck down on July 5th, too.

Part of the order remains — they didn’t seek to get the order’s directive that Walker not harass, threaten, contact, trespass on the property of, Brett Kimberlin. Etc. Of course, Walker never did that, and has no intention of doing such things. I imagine that that stuff will be struck down on July 5th as well, because all people have a general obligation to not do such things. It’s called “The Law.”

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Aaron has his first post up about this “Important Victory For Freedom of Expression.”