Just in case you thought he was finished, anti-bully Dan Savage is doubling down on his bullying of gay conservative group GOProud. Not only is GOProud composed of “house f*ggots,” but it’s a metaphorical big, gay drug pusher. Behold Dan’s latest treatise on the evils of right-leaning gays:

I’ve been out for a while and I’ve seen my share of damaged gay dudes destroy themselves. Watching a friend drink himself to death or drug himself to death or fuck himself to death—or all three-at-once himself to death—isn’t pretty. And here’s something I’ve noticed about the self-hating, self-destructing gay guys I’ve known: it wasn’t good enough for them to destroy only themselves. They had to destroy other gay men too. Using meth wasn’t enough—they wanted their friends to use meth too. Abusing alcohol wasn’t enough—they insisted that their friends match them drink-for-drink. And spinning out of control sexually wasn’t enough—they wanted their friends to join them down at the bathhouse. (And for the record: having been damaged by hate and homophobia as a child explains but it doesn’t excuse self-destructive behaviors in adulthood. You’re responsible for the choices you make.)

Anyway, mixing it up with GOProud last week got me thinking about why a gay man would endorse—much less “commit significant resources” to help elect—a man who has pledged, if elected, to do as much harm as he possibly can to gay people. I mean, what kind of faggot supports a politician who would do him harm?

Oh, right: the same kind of faggot who would harm himself with drugs or alcohol or sex. The kind of gay men who doesn’t like themselves or other gay people much. But while most self-loathing, self-destructive gay men are content to abuse booze, drugs, or dick, the self-hating GOProud boys abuse themselves withpolitics. And just like gay meth addicts who aren’t satisfied harming only themselves, the boys at GOProud aren’t satisfied harming only themselves. They want to harm other gay people—they want to harm all gay people—by getting Mitt Romney elected. And just like your meth-addicted friend who pushed the drug on you, or your drunk friend who mocked you for stopping at four, or your sexually out-of-control friend who insisted that you were a prude if you didn’t play the come dump with him down at the bathhouse, the GOProud boys want you to abuse yourself the same way that they’re abusing themselves. They want you to vote for Mitt Romney for the same reason your meth-addicted pal wanted you to use that stupid drug.

Because they’re damaged.

Wow. Who’s damaged, Dan?

Savage just can’t wrap his bigoted brain around the fact that there are gays who don’t fall in lockstep with his warped ideology. Gay conservatives are conservative because they believe in what conservatism stands for. From GOProud:

GOProud is an organization of gay and straight Americans seeking to promote freedom by supporting free markets, limited government and a respect for individual rights. We work on the federal level to build strong coalitions of conservative and libertarian activists, organizations and policy makers to advance our shared values and beliefs.

Gays having the gall to support the principles of limited government and free markets is clearly too much for Savage to handle. He’s buried himself so deeply in the hive-mind mentality, he’s forgotten that people are individuals and are therefore capable of individual thought. For him, the problem of wayward gays is best solved by denigrating them into submission. Guess what, Dan: it won’t work.


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