Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is making the Sunday show rounds this morning. Gee, we wonder what they wish to talk to him about? Oh, that’s right. The press has been forced into finally reporting on the deadly Operation Fast and Furious (and are now pushing a ‘racist’ meme or trying to grossly spin it away) due to the contempt vote against Attorney General Holder earlier this week. Oh, yeah, and President Obama’s cagey last minute claim of executive privilege.

Representative Issa, on the other hand, has been fighting for truth and justice for months. This morning was no different.

Representative Cummings (D-Md.) also appeared on Fox News Sunday, where he shamelessly lied yet again.

Really, Representative Cummings? A reminder from the committee’s contempt hearing on Wednesday:

Earlier this morning, he whined to CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. CNN framed it as the congressman “opening up” about mean old Republicans. Hello, lapdog media!

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) opens up to CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien about Attorney General Eric Holder and the Fast & Furious program on Starting Point.

When O’Brien asks how likely a contempt hearing will be if Holder does not present requested documents by 10am ET, Rep. Cummings says, “That’s quite likely, and I expect that it will come to a vote. I expect that it will be a vote on party lines…. And I still believe that this is an effort to try to embarrass the President.”

No, Mr. Cummings. It is an effort at finding the truth. And justice for those killed.

And his fellow travelers on the Left cannot even remember Brian Terry’s name. Nor do they care.

Nothing to see here, move along. Lives don’t count.

Representative Issa does care.

He also predicts that the full House will vote later this week to hold Holder in contempt. He predicts it will be a bipartisan vote. What will the Left screech then? They incessantly shriek about how awful partisanship is. Will they now whine about bipartisanship? Will they call their own members racist as well?