Uh oh. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has finally gone full conspiracy kook.

The official campaign arm of the House Democrats has flirted with Koch Brothers paranoia before. But today’s DCCC fundraising email reportedly reads like Roseanne Barr’s diary, minus the sanity.

Trilateral burgers and chemtrail chicken sandwiches for everyone!

Imagine the embarrassment if the National Republican Congressional Committee sent an email blast about President Obama’s birth certificate. Imagine if the GOP was willing to dabble in fringe nuttery in the hopes of capitalizing on left-wing fears of the shadowy Kochtopus.

But no. There’s no embarrassment on the Left when the DCCC uses the oh-so-fearsome Koch bogeyman to raise a few bucks. Instead, MSNBC is happily parroting the cuckoo pants talking point of the day.

CBS is fanning the conspiracy flames.

While Romney and his Republican allies are busy cultivating donors in Utah, the Koch brothers will be in San Diego holding a convention designed to help them generate hundreds of millions of dollars to advance conservative causes. At least we think they will: The event is shrouded in secrecy, and neither representatives for Koch Industries nor a number of expected attendees contacted by CBS News would even confirm that it is taking place.

Wealthy people attending a convention? Heaven forfend! And to add insult to injury, they won’t drop a sound bite for CBS? Shadowy!

Hey, DCCC, next time you put together your fundraising emails Mad Libs-style, try not to fill in the blanks with Daily Kos rants and tweets from the progressive Twittersphere.

Actually, never mind. Go ahead and use those tweets for your next email. You have our blessing.



Get ready for another DCCC email blast. Here’s a shadowy, secretive statement on transparency sent to MSNBC by Robert A. Tappan, director of external relations for Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC.

Privacy and confidentiality in the advancement of ideas are also held by many on the left including your guest Lee Fang’s former employer, the Center for American Progress, and his current employer, United Republic, neither of which disclose their donors. Another guest on your show, Alicia Menendez, is an advisor for New Democrat Network, which assures its donors that their contributions will never be made public.  Similarly, Professors Jamieson and Edelman are involved with groups that keep the identity of donors private and confidential.  Moreover, academic conferences like the ones that Professors Jamieson and Edelman participate in, are often closed to press.  Likewise, we assume the editorial meetings for your own show are closed to your competitors and the public.

All contributions to political campaigns made by Koch are disclosed and publicly available as required by law.  Issue advocacy groups, however, have every right to keep their contributors private and confidential, which is an important principle that Americans have held dear since the founding of our country.  That privacy protects individual citizens from retribution and harassment by the government — the very kind that we have experienced when President Obama and his senior aides have attacked us for exercising our First Amendment rights of free expression concerning public policy issues.  This harassment has included a constant barrage of threatening invective, misleading advertisements by the President’s re-election campaign, and false insinuations concerning Koch’s tax status that led to a federal investigation of the Administration.  Further, some of the media coverage of Koch, including coverage by MSNBC, has led to death threats and threats of violence against Charles Koch and David Koch and our employees.