Just when you thought President Obama’s hubris level couldn’t get any higher, he proves you wrong. His latest fundraising idea? All your wedding gifts belong to him.

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Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts, Ask Their Guests To Donate To His Campaign Instead…

You can even register your wedding on his campaign website. Could he be any more pompous?

For reals! From BarackObama.com itself.

Your big day is his big day. Isn’t he all that really matters?

Suck it up, couples.

Twitter users, always at the ready to help, were there to offer the president some more fundraising ideas.

Oh, the humanity.


Keep them coming, Twitter. You should have lots of spare time to help him out. No need to bring those canned goods to shelters for the hungry; donate them to His Majesty instead!


Let them eat wedding cake, maybe: Mocking continues with #ObamaGiftRegistrySlogans