David Shuster let his bitter and sexist colors show once again, this time aimed at “just a blogger” Michelle Malkin. The result? Twitter throw-down. Well, it can’t really be called a throw-down. We suppose it isn’t really a fair fight when it includes David Shuster, who is intellectually challenged. Poor David Shuster isn’t the brightest eco-friendly bulb on the shelf.

He’s also a Liar McLiarPants. He proved that ages ago when he lied to get the late Andrew Breitbart to appear on MSNBC. This is also not the first time that he’s used his Twitter feed to promote vicious lies. He once took to Twitter to erroneously and grossly call the Westboro Baptist Church and the Phelps family part of the Right. Dum-dum Shuster not only has little intellect, but he also has no shame.

Why were his wannabe-Olbermann briefs in a twist this time? Because Michelle Malkin, who unlike “real journalists” has covered Operation Fast and Furious extensively, dared to question President Obama’s shady use of executive privilege.

Michelle Malkin is just a dumb girl to David Shuster, you see. Is he going to try to pull her braids next? Break out the “cooties” spray? Call her a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it?” Girls are scary!

Exactly. Of course, Davis Shuster’s reprehensible fellow travelers could not wait to jump in with some sexism and racism of their own.

Just a blogger! Perhaps she missed when Twitter users taught “real journalists” a lesson about that. Reading is fundamental!

Instruct her! No your place and get back into the kitchen, woman!

Shuster just kept going.

He was likely encouraged by his also sexist Twitter fan boys. They aren’t the brightest EPA-compliant bulbs either.

But, to be fair, it’s not like David Shuster has anything else to do. You know, since being fired from MSNBC and all. Dude, if even integrity-challenged MSNBC fires  you, that’s bad news.

Of course, Michelle Malkin gave him the business. David Shuster is no match for “just a blogger” or “just a girl!”

Bless his heart. That literally is all he has; call a girl “stupid.”

Sane, and not sexist, Twitter users weigh in and try to give sad, little Shuster a Teachable Moment ™.



Bingo. Little Davy is jealous and throwing a stompy foot tantrum. Someone change his nappy!

What a sad, little man. Don’t worry, Davy. Women like Michelle Malkin will keep doing the job that you “real journalists” don’t want to do. All while fighting like girls. Perhaps you should worry more about, you know, getting a job. Because it is quite clear that you really need to buy yourself a fancy big car, as “compensation.”