Our sides can’t take much more aching! “Real journalist” CNN’s Howard Kurtz tweeted out a heck of a scoop regarding the Romney “Wawa-gate” video! Only, you know, an entire day late. D’oh! You see, “just a blogger” SooperMexican broke that story wide open yesterday.

What’s next, Howard? Will you take a closer look at that whole earth thing and determine it is, in fact, not flat? Breaking!

Kurtz’s staggering lack of awareness was prime fodder for hashtag mockery. Twitter users come to the rescue, offering more “scoops” for Mr. Kurtz, a “real reporter.” A “real reporter” like Andrea Mitchell, who shamefully refused to apologize for or denounce the deceptively edited video.




Happy warriors and “just bloggers” for the win, once again. More, please!