After a violent encounter with a Daily News photographer this morning, actor Alec Baldwin frantically tweeted about the incident with just moments to spare before the story hit the Internet.

“All paparazzi should be waterboarded”? We’re guessing Baldwin doesn’t have much of a future in celebrity damage control. Don’t quit your day job, Alec!

Gee, that’s awfully different than claiming a photographer almost hit him. Is there any proof?

If that photo of Baldwin doesn’t become the next Sad Keanu or Strutting Leo, we’ll be very disappointed.

The Daily News reports:

The volatile “30 Rock” star punched lensman Marcus Santos outside the city Marriage License Bureau on Worth St. Tuesday morning. The actor was walking out with fiancee Hilaria Thomas, 28, after apparently obtaining a license.

Baldwin then grabbed a second News photographer, Jefferson Siegel, and Santos told the “Rock of Ages” star to back off.

“I said, ‘Don’t touch him,’” the 42-year-old Santos said. “I knew he was going to attack me. I stepped back, and he kept coming.

“He comes after me, starts shoving and punching me — one time, right in the chin. And then he started shoving me, and pushing me. Then he goes the other way.”

Eyewitness Goran Veljic said Baldwin’s face filled with rage as he went after the shooters.

“He was like crazy, you know?” said freelancer Veljic, who takes photos outside the office every day. “There was an eruption of mad. … You’re going to get a marriage license, you should be happy. What happened with this guy?”

More “eruption of mad” photos here.

Baldwin, of course, claims the Daily News is lying. He used his Twitter account to lash out at Daily News editor-in-chief Colin Myler.

Queen? That doesn’t strike us as very tolerant, Alec.

Whatever happened, his wedding photographer might want to take extra precautions.


Liberal under fire? Forget me! Look over there! Racism!

If we had a thoughtless little pig, he would look just like Alec Baldwin.

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