It was announced this morning that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will address the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Houston on July 11, 2012. Those who realize the NAACP is sadly just an arm of the Left reacted with a general “sigh.”

Some did think it was a smart move and lauded Romney’s decision.

The race-baiters, however, came out in full force. In a “post-racial” society, you see, a white man cannot possibly be interested in reaching out to everyone. Unless, of course, that white man is someone like the “first black president” Bill Clinton. Or Al Gore: It’s totally fine to condescend and offensively put on accents when talking to the NAACP. The lapdog media called his highly offensive and flat-out contemptible behavior “spirited.” Exploiting minorities is totally fine as long as one gets some sweet, sweet liberal policy out of it. Know your place!

But Mitt Romney simply wants to address the NAACP? Racism, straight up.

We are cringing with more than embarrassment at the thought that the Left seems to think black people are some sort of strange creatures only to be used for Democrat political gain. Don’t you dare step off that plantation! To be fair, Mitt Romney did express befuddlement at the thought that not all black people think the same. Oh, wait. That was Democrat senator Barbara Boxer in a vile updated version of “y’all look alike.

Barbara Boxer was shocked into disbelief at the very idea that Harry Alford, the chair of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, actually dared to disagree with the NAACP and the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. Oh, no. That did not suit. Race politics is the Left’s bread and butter. How dare anyone try to break out of the box that Democrats have made for them!

This is one of the most dangerous and harmful forms of racism, as it is insidious and stealth.

A member of the alleged press gets in on the race-baiting action.

Will more members of the media rush in to breathlessly race-bait? Our media Magic 8 Ball says “most likely.”

Still more reprehensible race-baiting.

Like when Obama claimed he knows more about Judaism than any other president because all his friends were Jewish? Oh, yeah. And books.

Oh? Does she mean typical as in Obama’s offensive “typical white woman” remark?

What is truly offensive is how the bigoted Left treats people.

Post-racial America? Not if the Left has anything to do with it.