Attorney General Eric Holder’s last-ditch attempt to convince Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) to cancel tomorrow’s contempt of Congress vote over Operation Fast and Furious appears to have ended in total failure. Issa tweeted the news immediately after the meeting ended.

It turns out that Holder approached tonight’s meeting with the same arrogance we’ve come to expect from the Obama administration. Instead of providing the documents that Issa had specifically requested, Holder arrived on Capitol Hill with nothing but an offer to brief Issa on the missing papers (all 240,000 of them). Issa confirmed that Holder’s continued holdout means the contempt vote will still be held tomorrow, as he promised yesterday when accepting the meeting.

That announcement drew serious vitriol from a “peaceful, tolerant” left wing that spent the Bush years pushing for investigations into anybody they could think of.

Of course, a deck full of race cards was thrown at Issa (is this really all the left has to offer?):

And, last but not least, some brave folks sitting behind their computers lobbed threats in Issa’s direction:

Clearly Issa is hitting the left where it hurts. Tomorrow’s contempt vote should result in even more fireworks.

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