Last week Twitchy reported on the launch of a project to take back the term “Velvet Revolution” from convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin’s shady nonprofit of the same name.

The goal is to knock Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution down in the Google search results and replace it with a Velvet Revolution that tells the truth about Kimberlin’s political terrorism.

The project is still underway and is making progress. But the site’s authors still need help.

As stated earlier, any link to this site, on any web page indexed by Google, any blog, or Twitter, or Facebook, or Tumblr, or on  新浪微博 assuming the censors let it through, increases this site’s Page rank, thus increasing the odds that anyone searching for information on the term “Velvet Revolution” will come to this site, rather than that of a convicted perjurer. (We assure you that none of us has ever been convicted of perjury.)

Of those, blogs are our primary target. We deeply appreciate links from weblogs, which tend to be frequently updated, draw more than a few eyeballs, and have permanent blogrolls. If you have a blog, have you considered adding this site, the original Velvet Revolution, to your blogroll? It costs only a few pixels and a few seconds of your time. Of course any site will do: If you’re the chairman of Pepsi, or the Dave behind, a link from your website to this site brings us closer to our goal.

Continue spreading the word about the Velvet Revolution project. You can start by retweeting this:

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