As Twitchy reported earlier, The Obama administration announced that it would be providing even more illegal alien deportation waivers. Michelle Malkin correctly called it “Occupy Open Borders.

President Obama was to speak live at 1:15 p.m. ET about this power grab.

Of course, he’s never on time. Priorities!

Twitchy will monitor President Obama’s appearance and update with live reports.

Still waiting.

Squee! from Wolf Blitzer.

The president is super considerate.

He needs his BFFs there.

Update: He deigns to grace us all with his presence.

Sigh. Orrin Hatch.

Lapdog media alert!

Cue the scary music again.

Shadow of deportation. Is that like those “shadowy groups” to whom the President is always referring?

And the tiny violins.


Birds are stealing President Obama’s vote-grabbing thunder.

More nonsense from The One.

Whatever! Doing just fine! Buy another thingamajig.

Update: Wow!

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