As Twitchy reported earlier, The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro interrupted President Obama’s remarks in the Rose Garden. It’s being called “heckling,” but was it really? Some might say it was a reporter, you know, doing his job. Neil Munro’s statements indicate that as well.

MSNBC contributors and guests predictably whipped out the race card so quickly that we are surprised they didn’t fracture their wrists.

Sigh. So tiresome.

Other pearl clutchers don’t think that reporters should ask questions, evidently. Many immediately weighed in, including other members of the press, gasping at the lack of decorum. Egads! Get them to their fainting couches! Send President Obama with them. The clutching is so prevalent that Neil Munro is trending worldwide. Daily Caller and Tucker Carlson are also trending.

That’s rich coming from people who have nothing but sneering contempt for others.

Unhinged; for asking a question. As a reporter.

Grab your smelling salts!

Hey, what about the civility of letting reporters ask President Obama questions?

Well, President Obama doesn’t like questions. If one couldn’t see that from his lack of pressers, it was totally evident in his demeanor when Mr. Munro asked his.

Others aren’t such delicate flowers and, instead, point out what should be the obvious.

Once again, Leftists, and those who seek to appease them, preach civility for me, not for thee. Now, including from reporters doing their jobs. But, hey, guess we’ll have to rely on “just bloggers” to do that.

They don’t care if they are invited to swanky cocktail parties, so they have no need to feign indignation over a question being asked.

Criminy. Grow some brass ovaries. You, too, Mr. President.



The Daily Caller’s senior video reporter Nicholas Ballasy interviewed Munro about what happened this afternoon. You can watch the interview here.

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