This evening, Meghan McCain took time out of her busy schedule (i.e., inflicting “America, You Sexy Bitch” on the rest of us) to express horror at the heckling that took place during President Obama’s immigration amnesty announcement.

As usual, the left’s favorite “conservative” provoked several responses, including an effort to provide a much-needed history lesson to a girl who continues to give Ivy League degrees a bad name.

Several folks spoke up about the president’s own apparent lack of respect for his office or for the rule of law:

Another noted the question-asking vs. shoe throwing double-standard:

Unsurprisingly, Meghan hasn’t gotten around to answering that one yet. She did, however, finish issuing her official decree about when it is and isn’t acceptable to speak directly to a politician:

Of course, there is the pesky little fact that, when it comes to Obama, the time for questions seems to be never.

That’s immaterial, of course; the important point is that Meghan McCain has set forth her edict about press decorum. Clearly we had better start living up to it!

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