You may have heard that President Obama gave a campaign speech in Cleveland today. When the 54-minute blame-fest finally ended, liberal commentator Jonathan Alter appeared on MSNBC and soundly panned the president’s speech.

Alter’s honesty about the  “laundry-listy” address drove MSNBC’s Obama-loving audience into fits of anger, which they were none too shy about expressing on Twitter:

A “RoveDailyTalkingPointsMemo” on MSNBC? Hilarious! Let’s not forget, though: Jonathan Alter loves him some Obama. We mean loves him some Obama. Unfortunately for him, speaking plainly about the president’s speech appears to cancel that out in the minds of the angry left:

People also weren’t shy about demanding that Alter and his colleagues at MSNBC adhere to the messaging its viewers have come to expect: cheerleading for the left and attacks on the right, with no exceptions.

Alter took to Twitter to defend himself, but he only succeeded in garnering more invective from his ideological allies:

Ah, yes — more accusations of an MSNBC commentator and Newsweek editor somehow being in cahoots with Karl Rove! Of course, there was more where that came from, as Alter tried once again to explain the intentions behind his comments (an explanation that fell on deaf, angry ears):

And there you have it. Yet another example of the far left’s refusal to accept dissent, uncomfortable truths, honest criticisms, or any other violations of its orthodoxy.