Facts are hard for some. A perfect example of that is Fox News contributor Juan Williams. As Twitchy reported last night, Juan Williams extolled the virtues of “real journalists” while slamming “just bloggers.” This didn’t sit well with all those who live outside of the self-aggrandizing media bubble. His remarks caused a firestorm on Twitter last night and it is carrying through this afternoon.

Now Twitter users are attempting to teach Mr. Williams what these “just a blogger” folks actually do.

Remember that one, “real journalists?” We do. Andrew Breitbart was “just a blogger.” Unlike the Better Than You alleged journalists, he understood the power of citizen journalism and blogging. He also knew that there was an overwhelming need for it, due to the abysmal performance of “real journalists.” These reputed journalists just keep proving him right.


We’ll take “just a blogger” over the lapdog media any day, thank you. “Just bloggers” do the jobs that the media refuse to do.

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