As Twitchy reported earlier, candidates Romney and Obama have competing speeches and events planned today.

Point one went to Team Romney when the campaign bus made the rounds, honking, at the Obama event. Point two also goes to Team Romney:

Slick move!


Reports from on the ground, while waiting for Romney to take the stage.

Team Obama immediately starts whining. Put on your big boy pants, fellas.

Romney’s press secretary scores another one against Team Obama.

CNN will provide live coverage.

Twitchy will monitor the speech and provide updates.

Update: Romney takes the stage, more live video.


The zingers are flying!

Heh. Then throw down microphone and yell “Romney OUT.”

Romney hitting President Obama on the Keystone pipeline. Good.

Wow. Nice “unbiased” journalism, toots.

Romney keeps jousting.

Hits Obamacare next; good move.

Not such a good move?

Get back to hitting Obama, please.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

Oh, my! No more Mr. Nice Guy? Please say yes.

Fueling Vice President pick speculations, Rubio is mentioned several times.

Ohioans rooting for the other guy.

Another bad sign for Team Obama:

Will Obama take up this challenge?

Oh, please. Make it happen.