No, really. He did. MSNBC’s Martin Bashir goes in for the rhymes in what we can only assume is some desperate cry for help.

Oh, dear, Martin Bashir. Bless your heart, Mart. Oh, me, oh, mi-ous, aren’t  you just precious? (It’s okay, he likes it.)

As Twitchy reported last night, Juan Williams would call him a “real journalist.”

Twitter is on fire tonight over Juan Williams’ comments that bloggers aren’t journalists.  On Sean Hannity, Williams dissed Michelle Malkin in particular and bloggers in general during a discussion on Fast and Furious, saying, “I’m a real journalist, not a blogger.”

Geez, Louise!

The mocking begins.

After the rhyming, he heads back to lying.

“Real journalists” don’t have to be bothered with pesky research and facts and stuff. Sheesh!

Oh, yes, Mormon slams are hilarious. To the intolerant Left, that is.

Twitter users continue to call out his bias and his lack of sanity.

No, no. He’s a “real journalist.” Right, Juan Williams? Good thing it wasn’t some silly blogger. We might actually hear real news then.

Yeah, but, can they rhyme while lying? That’s a key tenet of journalism, evidently.