Thank goodness for the “real journalists” at ABC News. If coverage of Eric Holder’s stonewalling on Fast and Furious was left up to “just a blogger,” why, we might end up with headlines like this:

Oh, wait. That headline appeared on the ABC News website this morning.

The article title has since been changed to “Against Attorney General Eric Holder, GOP Is Fast and Furious,” but the biased title still appears in the browser title bar and URL. The original title also appears in the Google search results.

It’s not just the title that exposes ABC News employees as Obama administration lapdogs. “Real journalist” Matt Negrin laments “how precarious it is to be the U.S. attorney general.”

There’s little question that Republicans want to use the demonization of Holder as a political issue — the chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, said last year that Fast & Furious would be a campaign theme.

Yes, it’s all about “demonization.” It has nothing to do with seeking accountability, justice, and answers for the family of murdered border patrol agent Brian Terry. Incidentally, ABC News, reporters have been known to win awards for that.

Negrin also suggests weapons from Operation Fast and Furious are only “believed to be connected to crime.”

Holder has drawn flack over a variety of issues, most heatedly the controversial “Fast & Furious” program that sent weapons into Mexico and are believed to be connected to crime, including the murder of an American border patrol agent.

Fast and Furious was a deadly operation, not just the speed at which Negrin scribbles in his diary about his man crush on Holder in his diary.


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