Broken bottles, glasses, and fists went flying at New York City nightclub Greenhouse early Thursday morning, and Chris Brown, Drake, and Meek Mill were reportedly involved. Eyewitnesses say either Drake or Meek split Brown’s chin open during the fight.

Not so fun when you’re the punching bag, huh Chris?

Drake and Brown have an ongoing feud over Rihanna. reports that may have started the clash.

Brown tweeted a picture of the bloody gash on his chin, but quickly deleted the tweet:

Uh, you’ve got a little somethin’ in your nose there, Chris.

Brown deleted a handful of other tweets after the brawl:

Shortly after Brown posted the pic of his slashed face, Meek tweeted this image:

Like Brown, he deleted it from Twitter, but it still appears on Instagram.

In a somewhat cryptic tweet, Meek appeared to deny that he was at fault:

This Twitter user was an eyewitness to the brawl.

More tweets from the scene:

Clearly a classy crowd.