Convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin has operated his shady nonprofit group under the name “Velvet Revolution” since 2004. A new project will use “Google justice” to take back the term “Velvet Revolution” for the Czechs and Slovaks who risked their lives to revolt against their communist government in 1989.

We believe it is a farce and a disgrace that Brett Kimberlin seeks to cloak his nefarious acts under the name “Velvet Revolution”, a name which in the rest of the world stands for courage and dignity in the face of terror.

Brett Kimberlin stole the Velvet Revolution. We’re stealing it back.

@VelvetRevlution, “The original Velvet Revolution, on Twitter,” sent its first tweet early this morning:

The goal is to knock Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution down in the Google search results and replace it with a Velvet Revolution that tells the truth about Kimberlin’s political terrorism.

Our needs are simple. We seek to drive Brett Kimberlin’s fake Velvet Revolution into third place, or lower, on a Google search for the term. We estimate that we can do this within six months. Eventually we’d like to knock Wikipedia out of the top spot, but all things in their time.

We seek to replace Brett Kimberlin’s fake Velvet Revolution with a fake Velvet Revolution of our own, a Velvet Revolution that tells the truth about Kimberlin and his henchmen, in order that past and potential donors to Kimberlin, such as George Soros, may be fully informed about who is cashing the checks.

Spread the word on social media and read “Brett Kimberlin and the Justice of Google” to find out how you can help.

The site is also working to expose Kimberlin’s associates:

Harriett Crosby, through her tax-exempt Threshold Foundation, provided seed money of $60,000 to found Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution.  Crosby has been quite active in Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution through the years, trumpeting the Kimberlin Velvet Revolution’s allegations that the 2004 American Presidential election was “stolen” through electronic ballot manipulation, and claiming that Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution somehow “deterred” Karl Rove from stealing the 2008 election for John McCain.

As if.

Conservative activists who want to protect and defend the freedom to blog from the dangerous free speech-muzzling tactics of Kimberlin and his thuggish groupies began spreading the word immediately.

Keep spreading the word. As Michelle Malkin wrote this morning:

Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Bloggers are letting it shine, shine, shine down on convicted Speedway Bomber/vexatious litigant/online harasser Brett Kimberlin and his shady Velvet Revolution.

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