Stop the presses! Bombshell! OMG!

Buzzfeed reports on an astonishing new study:

Americans’ aversion to voting for Mormons has spiked since Mitt Romney’s first presidential bid in 2007 — and that the people most wary of Mormon candidates are not Evangelicals, but rather political liberals and non-religious voters, according to new research from a leading scholar of anti-Mormon attitudes.

The overall increase in anti-Mormon attitudes among liberals may be an unanticipated consequence of the “the continuing candidacy of Mitt Romney and Mormon activism against same-sex marriage,” the study suggests.

See, it’s not that liberals are intolerant, it’s that “Mitt Romney and Mormon activism against same-sex marriage” are forcing liberals to go against their tolerant natures. It’s not their fault, the Mormons are asking for it.

Ben Smith of BuzzFeed is shocked — shocked! — that anti-Mormon attitudes are on the rise among liberals.

But the study confirmed what conservatives have observed for months.

Smith can spare us his feigned surprise that tolerant, enlightened liberals have an aversion to Mormonism. It’s screamingly obvious that when it comes to embracing religious diversity, “coexist” is a liberal bumper sticker, not a way of life.

Liberal anti-Mormon sentiment is all but inescapable. Here are some reminders pulled from the Twitchy archives:

And in late 2011, a national poll found:

While 76% of Republicans polled would be comfortable with a Mormon president, only 46% of Democrats said they would be. Huh. So much for that ‘intolerant’ GOP spin.

So, about that study reported at BuzzFeed? Not so much of a bombshell after all, is it?