Oh, my! Liberals on Twitter join President Obama in a stompy foot temper tantrum caused by feelings of inadequacy. As Twitchy reported earlier, the hilarious hashtag #Liberalismin4words is trending. President Obama hates conservative success on Twitter and liberals are super jealous of the conservative domination.

This isn’t the first time they have complained. As Twitchy reported, a “The Daily Show” writer had his Team Obama panties in a twist over another hashtag game.

This time is more of the same, but it’s still hilarious. 

Twitter bomb time: #Liberalismin4words

I know we’re all used to a good old fashioned Tumblr bombing, so I thought we could extend our liberal invasion skills to Twitter. #Liberalismin4words is trending right now, with such gems as “Sloth. Wrath. Envy. Pride.” “What’s yours is mine” and “We use bath salts.” Here are some suggestions to get you started — tweet your own and tag it with #STFUC and I’ll post some of my faves!

#liberalismin4words mercy, generosity, equality, non-assholery

#liberalismin4words No war, no poor

#liberalismin4words Equal rights, equal pay

We could also start trending #conservativesin4words. “Fuck the poor, yo!” “Racism isn’t real LALALALLALLA” “Stand Your Ground rocks”

Oh, our aching sides! Their mad “skills.” By skills, they must mean failures. It all boils down to “you are wrong and not funny, because shaddup, shaddup, shaddup. Also, racist! And stuff!”

War, they declared. It’s so sad that they must go to war with the pitiful army they have. Bless their precious hearts. Feast your eyes on some of their attempts at making a funny.

So funny coming from people who are intent on trying to falsely convince people that it is 1950 and women are stuck in the kitchen, unable to even think for themselves. Julia, anyone?

And, fail. Conservatives are already hijacking it and will no doubt dominate this as well.

In any hashtag form! There are two attempts: #conservativesin4words and #conservatismin4words. The silly STFUC people seem to have neglected to realize the original hashtag had the word liberalism not liberals. Words, and hashtags, are hard!

In any event, conservatives pick up the slack for both hashtags. They are good like that.



Indeed. Keep it coming, conservatives. You are getting to them, clearly.