Longtime race-baiter Al Sharpton and the New York Civil Liberties Union tried to organize a “Twitter rally” today to raise a ruckus about the “stop and frisk” policy used by the NYPD to protect residents in high-crime areas. They were also attempting to lay the groundwork for a “silent march” to be held this Sunday in New York City.

As you might expect, the usual left-wing groups and individuals came out of the woodwork to participate, filling Twitter with claims of NYPD racism.

But wait—there’s more!


A brief effort was made to work this into a previous (failed) liberal hashtag:

And, naturally, NYPD was condemned for “criminalizing” youth by arresting them for—wait for it—breaking the law. Crazy, right?

In an effort to grow and direct the “Twitter rally,” the NYCLU tried to inspire its followers to participate.

Some folks didn’t quite seem to get the picture:

In the end, the NYCLU was forced to resort to Twitter bribery in order to elicit the desired responses:

Naturally, the proven premise behind “stop and frisk”—that establishing and maintaining order in an area lowers crime and increases residents’ safety—was equated with terrorism:

Al Sharpton wasn’t about to miss this opportunity to come up with a poorly-constructed rhyme and inflict it on the world.

Nor could he ignore the impulse to engage in some good, old-fashioned shouting (which didn’t go unnoticed):

If Sunday’s planned “silent march” is anything like today’s “Twitter rally,” we can clearly expect more bad rhymes, shouting, and assaults on the English language from Sharpton, the NYCLU, and the classy folks that brought you the lovely Zuccotti Park encampment.