Liberal commentator Sally Kohn isn’t just peeing on our legs while bemoaning the sudden rainstorm. She’s vomiting on our shoes and calling it a tsunami.

This afternoon, Kohn joined noted political genius Alec Baldwin in claiming that GOP focus on election integrity is part of an eeeevil voter suppression plot.

Riiiight. And conservative voter registration drives are just a clever cover for anti-voter participation initiatives.

Earlier, Kohn insisted that voter fraud is the GOP’s imaginary friend.

Does Sally Kohn actually believe this stuff? Of course not. It’s all part of the Left’s exaggerated circus routine designed to maintain the “right” to vote early, vote often, and vote whether or not you’re legally eligible. Voter purges must be demonized as “roadblocks for legitimate voters,”  election integrity be damned.

Kohn and her clown car of comrades want to scare voters into believing the democratic process itself is under assault by Republicans (and not by the Democrats who want to increase votes by any means necessary). She thinks she’s smarter than you and that voters are dumb enough to be distracted by her honking nose, rainbow wig, and squirting flower.

Sally, honey, your clown paint is smeared.

We’d especially love to see Sally Kohn answer this Twitter user’s questions: