160 fundraisers since filing for reelection? Gosh, this presidency truly is Historic™.

On Monday, Man of the People Barack Obama told a reporter why he couldn’t make it to Wisconsin to campaign for Democrat Tom Barrett:

The truth of the matter is that as President of the United States, I’ve got a lot of responsibilities.

Translation: As Campaigner in Chief, I’ve got a lot of responsibilities.

Mark Knoller offers more detail on the president’s mission to reach 160 fundraisers.

Hey, he’s just spreading the wealth … from celebrity pocketbooks to his campaign coffers.

In a recent column on Obama’s 24/7 fundraising presidency, Mark Steyn put the president’s fundraising in perspective with a figure from Brendan J. Doherty’s forthcoming book The Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign:

Obama has held more fundraisers than the previous five presidents’ reelection campaigns combined.

That thing Obama said about having a lot of responsibilities as president? We do not think that means what he think it means.