Another hearing is being held this morning on Operation Fast and Furious. As Twitchy reported last week, Attorney General Holder refuses to answer questions, claims to know next to nothing and has perfected the art of stonewalling. Twitter users expressed their lack of confidence in the attorney general over the weekend. Will this hearing be more of the same?

You can also watch it live here.

Right out of the gate, it looks to be more of the same by Attorney General Holder. Countdown to blaming Bush begins!

All about him. Hubris much? The real crisis is Operation Fast and Furious itself.

The media is already frantically trying to spin away Eric Holder’s beyond dangerous incompetence and refusal to comply with document demands. Hey, at least they are finally reporting on Fast and Furious. That’s new.

Twitchy will monitor the hearing and provide continuous updates.


Twitter users who are watching the hearing are not impressed by Holder.

Ugh, indeed.

Mr. Holder, Brian Terry has no future at all. He’s dead. Because of your Operation Fast and Furious.

Oh, yes. That’s the most pressing problem. Criminy!

Perhaps a grand jury, Mr. Holder?

More stonewalling, non-answers.

Senator Graham hammering hard.

Want answers? You won’t get them from Attorney General Holder. Luckily, Darrell Issa comes to the rescue.

Media continues failing the public.

The contemptible Senator Durbin holds Holder’s hand, fails the public and fails to do his job.

Twitter users continue to express their anger at the lack of answers and accountability. This tweet has been retweeted over 100 times and counting.

Senator Graham continues to impress at this hearing.

Of course, Holder is none to pleased. Truth is hard! And mock-worthy, evidently.

Representative Buerkle tweets her plans regarding the contempt charges against Holder.

Senator Cornyn to Holder: Resign.

Dana Bash of CNN again covers Holder’s behind, thinks Cornyn is being meany pants.

Getting personal, Dana? Unbelievable.

Also unbelievable?

Senator Sessions fixing to deservedly give the attorney general the business.

Senator Klobuchar on the other hand; useless. Well, excerpt for water carrying.

Same for Schumer.

Those who aren’t carrying water for the administration at the expense of the country see things differently.

Senator Lee is kicking arse, taking names.

He has Holder on the ropes, now scrambling.

Senator Leahy not impressing.

As the hearing goes on, citizens continue to express their outrage at the attorney general.

Oh, dear. Next up: Al Franken.

Senator (horrified giggle) Franken provides some levity; by being mocked. What a tool!

Giggling ends as the revolting Franken shows his true morally bankrupt colors.

Up next: Expert liar and stooge Senator Blumenthal.


The bromance is strong in this one.

Tickle Fight!

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