Professional troll and proud anti-Mormon bigot Bill Maher was smacked around by the Twitterverse again last night. After learning that the perpetually aspiring funnyman used his so-called “comedy” to dump on Mormonism and American exceptionalism, conservatives suggested things that are #FunnierThanBillMaher.

Couldn’t think of a Palin joke, huh?

The #FunnierThanBillMaher hashtag quickly trended and is still going strong today.

The left side of the Twitterverse didn’t get the hastag.

Bless their precious hearts.

The right side of the Twitterverse had no trouble playing along. And as you might expect, just about everything is funnier than Maher’s bigotry, elitism, and anti-American sentiments.

But it’s not just embarrassing and painful diseases that do more to tickle our funny bones than Bill Maher.

C’mon, guys. This one is too easy. And there’s a simple catch-all reply: