Ah, yes. Good ol’ PolitiFact, Pulitzer Prize winner and peddler of honesty. Its commitment to the truth has always been unwavering. Unwaveringly snort-worthy, that is. Behold the most recent product of the Truth Squad’s diligent detective work:

In a new campaign ad, Mitt Romney doesn’t mince words in boasting about the Massachusetts economy when he was governor.

But the number mirrored the larger national trend. And it’s important to note, as we often do, that governors have limited impact on a state’s economy.

Both Massachusetts and the U.S. saw unemployment rates drop during Romney’s governorship. Unemployment declined during that period because the economy was recovering from a recession.

We checked Bureau of Labor Statistics data and found that the statistic was correct. The low point for the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate during Romney’s tenure was 4.7 percent. (It happened during Romney’s final full month in office, December 2006.)

The final verdict?

The number is correct, but the ad oversteps in suggesting that Romney did this on his own. The employment situation in Massachusetts was subject to many factors, not just the governor’s policy. On balance, we rate the claim Half True.

Be sure to read the entire thing. The path PolitiFact takes to get to its conclusion is nothing short of fascinating.

We’re being sarcastic, of course. The doofuses at PolitiFact don’t have a clue how to handle actual facts, hence this risible piece of “investigative journalism.”

PolitiFact has been due for a good old-fashioned verbal thumpin’ for some time now, and Twitter did not disappoint.




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