Team Obama is frantically trying to fix President Obama’s “doing fine” firestorm by spinning madly. “Not doing fine? Whatever! But, but firefighters, teachers and stuff!”

The “doing fine” remark by Obama was no gaffe; it is what he believes. The only blunder was that he said what the Left believes out loud. He hasn’t been able to escape the comments yet, so the usual suspects on the left are going all in on twisting Mitt Romney’s words and pandering to their thug buddies in the teachers unions.

Oh, well. If David Axelrod says it, it must be true! And by true, we of course mean totally not true. Chronic liar and expert meltdown artist Melanie Roussell of the DNC joins the spinning fray.

Oh, Melanie. Just because you keep repeating tripe, doesn’t make it true. Twitter users come to the rescue and try to aid the confused Democrats, who seem to think that the public sector should always grow and grow, even if wasteful and unnecessary. Par for the course, natch, when one’s own power is more important than the good of the country. Worse, President Obama not only has zero private sector experience, he doesn’t even seem to know what the private sector is.

Obama surrogate David Axelrod also confused the two yesterday, when stonewalling and trying to spin.

Twitter users aren’t buying the lies.

Are Democrats dishonestly trying to convince the public that policemen and teachers create jobs? Or that we need more teachers?

Further, as Twitter tried to explain to the woefully and willfully ignorant the other day, such things are local.

By the way, are Democrats then admitting their stimulus nonsense failed?