So, Cher, would you say a Romney event looks a little something like this?

That photo was taken at the Obama 2012 campaign headquarters in Chicago. Funny, Cher didn’t weigh in on the unbearable whiteness of being Obama’s reelection team.

Cher sees white people … but only when they’re standing behind Mitt Romney, renowned puppet of the “Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Baggers.”

Obama, of course, can do no wrong. Cher has been gushing on Twitter since she met him in California last week.

We’re also curious how Cher knows there are no gay people attending Romney stump speeches. If the men aren’t sashaying flamboyantly while lisping the words to show tunes, they must be heterosexist breeders, right?

Or does her diversity cop uniform come with with a gaydar gun?