As Twitchy reported earlier, President Obama spun madly today during a briefing on the economy and blathered on about headwinds and such. No ‘thingamajigs,’ though. The most damning part was that President Obama said, with a straight face, that the private sector is “doing just fine.” Unemployed with no job in sight? Whatever. You’re doing just fine. Can’t afford gas for your car? Doing just fine! Horrific jobs report? Shaddup! You’re doing just fine!

Twitter was at the ready to go all in on mocking and it didn’t disappoint. In fact, two hashtags sprung up: #headwinds and #DoingJustFine.

Yep. Worse, people understand that he didn’t misspeak; he actually meant that. To Obama, government jobs are all that matter. The State should control all. Representative Ellison said as much last week; the most disappointing jobs numbers to him were cuts in government jobs.

Talk about out of touch. Well, the Ivory Tower is doing just fine.