First the power of grassroots solidarity resulted in a national media organization finally reporting on political terrorist Brett Kimberlin and life-threatening SWATting. And now a senator takes action and calls for the Department of Justice to investigate. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) served Attorney General Eric Holder with a letter today, asking for an investigation into SWATtings committed against conservative bloggers and activists.

Conservative Twitter users, who have been fighting for justice and standing in solidarity with those targeted by political terrorism, join in thanking Senator Chambliss.

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Full letter is here. Excerpt:

The use of SWAT-ting as a harassment tool is apparently not new, but its use as a tool for targeting political speech appears to be a more recent development. During the last year, some of the more widely reported cases of SWAT-ting have taken place against blog operators across the country, including in Georgia. The emerging pattern is both disturbing and dangerous.

While these incidences are currently small in number, and have fortunately not led to any accidental physical harm, they are extremely concerning. The perpetrators appear to be targeting individuals who are vigorously exercising their First Amendment rights to political speech. As you know, these reported efforts to intimidate those who choose to enter the political forum and express their opinions are in conflict with the founding principles of our nation.

Regardless of any potential political differences that may exist, threats and intimidation have no place in our national political discourse. Those who choose to enter into that political discourse should not have to worry about potential threats to their or their family’s safety.

While I am certain that local law enforcement is reviewing each of these instances, I am asking you to please look into each of these cases as well to determine if any federal laws may have been violated. Future targets of SWAT-ting, whether engaged in political speech or not, may not be so fortunate as to escape physical harm.

I appreciate your attention to this matter, and I look forward to your response no later than June 29, 2012. Please feel free to contact my office with any questions or comments that you may have.

Twitchy thanks Senator Chambliss for defending free speech and standing up against these horrifying acts of political terrorism. We also stand with him.

UPDATE: ABC covers the story.

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