Wisconsin heads to the polls today and all eyes are on this important election. Polls just opened minutes ago and Wisconsinites are already lining up to vote.

President Obama is busily distancing himself from Governor Walker’s challenger.

Our aching sides! Tell that to Debbie Wasserman Schultz who said that the Wisconsin election is a “dry run” for President Obama.

But conservatives are standing strong with Governor Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.


Polling shows Governor Walker with a resounding lead, which has the Left in a preemptive tizzy. Some go with the old “nothing to see here, just pretend it isn’t happening.”

Planned Parenthood joins in the lies.

Others are already starting with the whining and attempts to set false narratives as to why Governor Walker may win. It was announced yesterday that the Department of Justice would be in Milwaukee today to “monitor” voting.

Convenient, huh?

Another line of expected spin:


And, it begins!

More spinning and finger-pointing from the Left!

From The Hill:

In addition to spinning the expected defeat, Democrats and labor pointed fingers of blame. Some union officials and activists partly blamed President Obama for refusing to help. Others complained that the recall was always an uphill battle.

Walker has led in all recent independent polls, including a survey from the Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling released Monday that had him up 50 percent to 47 over Barrett. The race has been highly emotional and hard-fought and has garnered national attention for months.

Aren’t they just precious?

Wisconsin, all eyes are on you today. We are counting on you to let Big Labor know that their type of business is unwanted. Their strong-arm, bullying tactics no longer work. Americans, however, want to work. Like Lt. Gov. Kleefisch said “Wisconsin is open for business.” Help prove her right!



Both Wisconsin and Scott Walker are trending this morning. Twitchy will monitor this important election and update as news and results roll in.