There’s dumb. And then there’s DUMB.

Welcome to ObamAmerica, where your exposure to stupidity will exceed multiple lifetime quotas with every click.

Finally, an Obama hagiography that will run smoothly on Netscape Navigator 3 when you use your Prodigy subscription to dial up the Intertubes. This is what happens when the Choom Gang opens an Angelfire account.

The site asks, “There Are Two Americas: Which One Are You?” Hmm, “two Americas” sounds awfully familiar:

Each click brings you to a delusional new slide extolling the virtues of ObamAmerica. A couple of examples:

In “Their America” (BushneyMcHitler’s America) “teachers should be fired.” In ObamAmerica, “teachers should be inspired.”

In “Their America” health insurance is denied and you die. Probably painfully. But in ObamAmerica, health insurance is supplied and you live, because insurance and health care are the same thing.

Clearly, the creators of ObamAmerica are a little truth challenged:

But really, who are we to judge the stupidity of ObamAmerica? It’s made with 100 percent real Smart TM.

Smart Communications, Inc. It gets better and better.

We’re going to need some of that ObamAmerica health insurance to cure our bellyaches from laughing so hard!