A hacker apparently accessed the Twitter account of a Florida Congressman late Thursday night, posting messages about fat-loss products. The messages contain a link to a page that appears to contain malware. (After receiving a warning from his anti-virus software, a Twitchy editor elected not to click through to the page.)

As of Friday morning, the fat-loss messages had not yet been removed  from the Twitter account of U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, who represents most of Brevard County south of the city of Cocoa, all of Indian River County, and most of Osceola County. The tweets have been appearing every 1-2 hours all morning long.

Twitchy has tweeted the Congressman to alert him to the hacking, but has not yet received a response.

In a previous Twitter-hacking instance,  Capitol Hill Police, U.S. House of Representatives security, and Twitter were called in to help figure out what happened.

Warning: Unless you are an IT professional, we recommend you not click on the “channelinfonews” and “channelnewsnow’ links inside the hacker’s tweets.





Several Twitter users noticed late last night:

UPDATE: as of 8:29 am Eastern time, the fat-loss tweets have been removed from Rep. Posey’s Twitter account. In all likelihood, this means that Rep. Posey has taken control of his account and ejected the (presumed) hacker. The congressman has not yet released a statement about the matter.