It’s been a long time coming for the NBA 2K series, but All-Star Weekend will finally be coming to the popular video game franchise for October’s upcoming NBA 2K13 installment.

This seems more like an act of desperation rather than something that will get people to continue to buy it. With the NBA Live franchise returning this year, there’s much anticipation and hope for the once proud EA Sports franchise to string something amazing together after one year off.

However, there are those who find other problems with NBA 2K to the point where they don’t care about the anticipated game mode.

Avid fans of the franchise will more than surely love what is coming in October. NBA Live 13 will more than likely still have their stamp on All-Star Weekend, so this appears to be a way to one-up the NBA Live crew. But it doesn’t help when you make it a downloadable package where money needs to be spent.

But that doesn’t mean that die-hard fans aren’t excited.

But rest assure: If this attempt doesn’t work, NBA 2K may soon be on the decline.