President Obama’s much ridiculed “Attack Watch” has gone private on Twitter. The easier to spy on you, my dears!

More from The Daily Caller:

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze pointed out that after “consistent ridicule,” especially when it came to the “Attack Watch” section, “the Truth Teams started flying lower on the political radar.”

But, recently, the campaign appears to have jumped back on the aggressive “Attack Watch” style bandwagon. Last week, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter invited Obama supporters to “report an attack” on the Truth Team website.

An Obama campaign spokesperson has not immediately responded to TheDC’s request for comment on why the “Attack Watch” Twitter is down or for how long it has been down.

Huh. Curious. Could it have something to do with the fact that the just as creepy “truth teams” will be taking over?

Even ABC’s Jake Tapper pointed out the falsehoods of these “truth teams” that conflate valid criticism with “smears” and “attacks.” As Twitchy reported then, “President Obama’s campaign “Truth Team” is the snitch brigade spawn of the failed Atttaaaaaaaack Watch.

Twitter users are, of course, mocking this turn of creepy Big Brother events.

The “snitch brigade” isn’t gone, it’s just operating under a different name. A snitch brigade by any other name is still a snitch brigade.

Creepier and creepier.