Conservatives are coming together in aid of fellow happy warriors targeted by political terrorist Brett Kimberlin. A blogburst is in effect; read and link all the accounts that chronicle the terrorist acts of Brett Kimberlin.

And, indeed, the Google searches are sights to behold. Using the hashtag #BrettKimberlin:

And a search of Brett Kimberlin:

They are standing together and working hard to spread the word. Bloggers from every end of the conservative blogosphere are fighting with and for each other today.

Summed up by John Hayward of Human Events.

Exactly. Good men and good women are not standing by silently today, doing nothing. Happy warriors united in knowing that exposure is the best weapon against bullying, violence and life threatening evil terrorists like Brett Kimberlin. Such tactics used to quash free speech can only be countered with more, and stronger, speech.

Help the targets of these horrific acts by donating and adding your voice to those who are continuing to speak real truth to power. The media won’t do it. It’s up to the happy warriors.