Roseanne Barr is running as a “feminist” candidate in the Green Party presidential primary.

She’s such an advocate for women that she thinks defending S.E. Cupp and the rest of the conservative gender traitors is vile. More disgusting than the sexual degradation of Cupp in retaliation for her political views.

Gosh, why not go all the way and say Cupp was asking for it?

Robin Morgan, who co-founded the Women’s Media Center with Gloria Steinem, responded politely.

Funny, when it’s a member of the feminist sisterhood like Roseanne Barr, Morgan can’t quite manage to summon any outrage.

Roseanne reiterated her belief that the virtual rape of a conservative woman should be ignored.

Morgan went on the defensive in her final reply.

Typical. The most important thing to Morgan is ensuring that no one mistake her defense of S.E. Cupp for an endorsement of pro-life views. Gasp! Can’t let anyone think you agree with any “atrocious” conservative positions. (As if that was likely to happen.)

Don’t expect Morgan and her Ms. Magazine buddies to call for condemnations of Roseanne Barr’s words anytime soon. She’s a progressive; she gets a pass.


Roseanne doubles down and finally tweets what she’s really thinking: S.E. Cupp was asking for it.