Oh, honey. We are pretty sure that Hustler doesn’t think sex is gross. While Hustler is itself gross and full of gutter sludge misogynists, they make their money off of sex; surely they would encourage it.

That doesn’t stop the current writer with articles at Salon and Alternet and former blogger for John “Silk Pony” Edwards from doubling down on the stupid. The attack had nothing to do with sex; it was virtual rape. They sought to punitively shame and degrade her by committing a misogynist attack on S.E. Cupp because she dares to voice her own opinions. Opinions that aren’t in lockstep with faux feminists. “Feminists” who have helped to devalue women and make them the sum of their girly bits only, by the way.

Again, that is entirely not the point. Only in Amanda Marcotte’s mind, where a caricture of Footloose continuously plays, would that be the point.

Aha! All about Amanda. If it is even true, which is doubtful, perhaps it is because that is all Amanda ever talks about? Her go-to response to absolutely everything is “you just think sex is yucky!” When Anthony Weiner was caught exposing himself, unsolicited, on Twitter, she claimed that was all about people thinking sex is wrong.

She curses a lot because it’s super edgy and stuff. It’s not about you, Amanda, nor your delusions of what conservatives believe. Save your fake condemnation. The entire reason that you and your fellow “feminists” are feigning condemnation is because y’all want to cover your behinds. You totally give that away with this tweet, Amanda.

Fail. Your attempts at smug pats on your own backs don’t fly.

You set the goalpost, honey. Play by your own rules.