Stop whining, wing nuts! As Twitchy reported yesterday, the president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO is on tape violently beating an effigy of Governor Nikki Haley. Ah, the civility! Still waiting for President Obama to make one of his presidential phone calls in support of Governor Haley. Governor Haley tweeted out the video herself last night, asking what in the heck the unions were thinking. To be fair, it’s hard to think with a severe lack of brain cells.

Not only did the Left show its true misogynist and racist colors with the violent outburst itself, but the response exposes it further.

She deserved it, you see. Totally had it coming. Her eyes said “no,” but her support for the right to work without union corruption said “yes.” How dare she fight for her state, bringing new companies and new jobs to South Carolina? There is a big money, corrupt union bureaucracy full of thugs to support!

Invented out of whole cloth apples and oranges. Damn straight we’ll get upset about the violent beating of an effigy of a conservative woman. Anyone with a shred of decency would. We know that’s hard to understand, what with y’all being morally bankrupt and all.

Had. It. Coming. Shut up and take it. Suck it up, woman. And make the union thugs a sammich.

Again, see: morally bankrupt.

Freedom of speech? No, it’s fomenting violence against a woman. Who, by the way, is a true friend of workers by supporting and fighting for South Carolina’s right to work laws.


Double wow. The delusion. It burns.

Damn straight. See #IstandwithHaley for more. Conservatives, including conservative women, won’t be silenced. Your threats of violence won’t make them scurry and hide; it will make them fight harder. Hate speech and threats of violence can’t be conquered by fear and silence. It must be exposed. While most of the lapdog media will cover it up, new media won’t.

Exactly. Not only are they misogynist and racist, but they also stand for violence. That is their standard operating procedure. And our current President cuddles up to such thugs.

Hey, it’s the Chicago way.