Exactly. NOW is worthless.

Twitchy reported on the disgusting systematic misogyny perpetrated against S.E. Cupp earlier today. This is standard operating procedure for the Left, who consistently dehumanize and sexualize conservative women in an attempt to marginalize them and shut them up.

But, good news! NOW totally responded to the misogyny against S.E. Cupp. Ha! Just kidding! They are far too busy protesting Rush Limbaugh.

Enough Rush Campaign
Rush Limbaugh has spread his hate for far too long! Bullying is no longer profitable.

Bullying. That’s rich. They are also tied up with all the lying about a mythical wage gap anyway.

That didn’t stop conservatives on Twitter from asking for condemnation from NOW and other “women’s groups.”


The tweets asking for NOW’s condemnation are endless. And are unnecessary. Look, women need NOW like a fish needs a bicycle.

Hey, if NOW were ever consistent, they would have endorsed Rush Limbaugh.

They don’t stand for any women, really. They serve an agenda only. They are useful idiots for a Leftist agenda and nothing else. Once, they gave a faux condemnation of some of Pig Maher’s comments regarding Sarah Palin. But, in the end, they placed the blame on her. Pesky little woman!

She has come a long way, baby. It’s far past time that we all do. The first step is hammering the final nail in NOW’s coffin (violent rhetoric be damned!) They should be marginalized as the group full of useful idiots that they are.

They again gave a lame denouncement of  a revolting Gawker piece about Chrisine O’Donnell. It was so vile, they were shamed into condemning it; but did they really? Nope. It was insincere and back-handed.

There were no good intentions on the part of NOW; there were only self-serving intentions aimed at covering their own behinds. Yet, conservatives were expected to “give credit where due” because NOW half-assedly condemned a vile attack on a conservative women, all while they peppered their “condemnation” with criticism of Ms. O’Donnell. We were to pat them on their smugs backs for being all “this is bad, even though we hate this cuckoo pants broad. Talking about her girly bits is creepy, even though she is totally creepy herself. And cuckoo. And we hate her. Aren’t we totally fair and For The Women-y?”

They do not stand for any women. It is true that groups like NOW hold conservative women in particular contempt. They make that quite clear and they unabashedly do not hide that fact. Still, they aren’t really for any woman. Every belief that groups like NOW espouse, every agenda they embrace and every policy that they push to further that agenda is harmful to all women. It is even harmful to the women who continue to walk in lockstep with Stepford feminists like them.

NOW (and NARAL and their ilk) do not speak for women. Nor should they. Ever.

They are not, nor should they be, looked to as an authority on anything at all, and especially not women.

They are useless. And their For The Woman ™ card expired long ago; it is now time to confiscate it and cut it up into little pieces. REJECTED.

It is extremely harmful to women to continue to give them credence, when absolutely none is deserved. Such credence is given by expecting – and sometimes demanding – that they issue statements. Who the heck wants them to? It’s insulting.

Women don’t need the likes of NOW “defending” them. Conservative women are always grossly and falsely accused of “playing the victim.” The reason given is that they stand up for themselves, fight back and issue their own statements in lieu of waiting for others to do so. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. But, see, that is the opposite of victimhood. They do not rely on the likes of NOW or other faux women’s groups to “defend” them.

No, thanks. Want to come a long way, baby? Realize that women need feminists like a fish needs a bicycle. Hammer that final nail in NOW’s coffin (violent rhetoric be damned!) And refuse to give credence to anti-woman groups. No one should care what they say. Plus, it only serves to embolden them and further the lie that they speak for women. They don’t. They speak for the Left. And this is the Left:

Remember that, women. Do you really want NOW, useful idiots for that Left, to speak for you?

We stand with Haley and we stand with Cupp instead.


Planned Parenthood and Sandra “Tool” Fluke weigh in.

Note that Planned Parenthood equates the two, as if there is any comparison. This is just another attempt to cover their own behinds and to appear “fair” and “above it all.” It’s so they can say “see? We are totally for the women, even the icky, non-authentic ones.”

They aren’t. They are for an agenda only. Don’t fall for it.


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