Vote-counting for the Kentucky primary is underway, and Obama is leading among preferred Democratic presidential candidates.

But ah, ah, ah … not so fast there, Barack. Looks like not everything’s comin’ up roses in the Bluegrass State.

We have three. Do we hear four? Four? Four!

Do we hear five?

How about six?

Oh man. Somebody stop the bleeding.

But not before it goes up to seven.

We’re sensing a pattern here …

Number nine, number nine, number nine …

Ten. OK, there’s a nice, round number. Perfect stopping point. It has stopped, hasn’t it?

Nope. This goes to eleven.

Nobody’s stoppin’ this train.


Sometimes, the jokes write themselves. This is one of those times. But don’t let that stop you from sharing some jokes of your own … you officially have Twitchy’s blessing to commence mockage.



But damn, that’s a hollow victory if ever there was one.