As Twitchy reported, yesterday on Meet The Press Cory Booker made the oh-so-awful mistake of telling the truth and denouncing attacks on Bain Capital as “crap” and “nauseating.” Predictably and reprehensibly, the backlash from the Left was immediate and vile. They followed up today by also spewing hate-filled garbage at Harold Ford, who agreed with Mayor Booker.

Mayor Booker was forced to “clarify” his remarks in a video, since heavily edited by Team Obama, that some likened to a hostage video. Do not cross the Lefty regime! As a result, the #freecorybooker hashtag was born and now a petition to stand with Cory Booker.!/Reince/status/204601246680752129

Media missing the point, as always.!/ZekeJMiller/status/204604047741820929

It’s not about whether or not the GOP agrees with Mayor Booker on absolutely everything. Of course they don’t; he is a Democrat after all, and that party and its agenda are detrimental to the country. But, this is about how the Left uses totalitarian tactics and how dissent is punishable always. One must walk in lock-step or the thought police will make one pay.

Twitter explains it to the comprehension-challenged media.!/OrwellForce/status/204604199772766208!/Doc_0/status/204600534731206656!/Doc_0/status/204599757119819776!/brd999/status/204582472414003200!/Wittorical/status/204571338382376960!/iowahawkblog/status/204623395067924480!/Doc_0/status/204568617604493313

Indeed. And whether or not he remains in the wrong party, the GOP will stand up for not just the free market, but the free marketplace of ideas. They will stand against those who seek to quash free thinking and will support those who are punished for speaking their own minds.!/Doc_0/status/204602517487751168