Karen Tumulty doesn’t get how the “birther thing persists”? Gosh, could it be that she keeps hearing about the “birther thing” because the lapdog media has an insatiable lust for twisting any and all vetting of the president into racist, birther crackpottery?

Oh, and the hashtag #biology is super cute. See, because wingnuts are all anti-science flat-Earthers.

But let’s focus on something else that persists: Karen Tumulty’s embarrassing slobber-fest with all things Obama.

Clearly Tumulty brings up the birther issue now because the real journalists at Breitbart.com brought Obama’s “Born in Kenya” biography to light. If only she hadn’t traded in her intellectual independence for liberal-approved groupthink, she’d know this has nothing to do with birtherism.

The Breitbart.com story highlights the president’s record of fabrications and ever morphing public persona. And it’s an indictment of the failure of Tumulty and company to do their jobs as a journalists.

Did Tumulty even read the five paragraph disclaimer on the Breitbart exposé? Or is actually reading original reporting discouraged after Journolist-y marching orders have been issued?

When the Washington Post finally covered Obama’s inaccurate biography yesterday, the title of the article was “Birtherism isn’t dead.”

Rather than think for herself, rather than consider that this isn’t a birther story, Tumulty parrots talking points about conservative kooks and their demands for the long-form birth certificate. Gee, guess objectivity is even harder than reading.

Soros monkey Eric Boehlert got in on the action too, as he’s been doing since the story broke.


Conservatives on Twitter who don’t have reading comprehension issues did their best to explain to Tumulty why she’s off-base:






But Tumulty wasn’t having it. She quickly linked to an ABC article titled “Born in Kenya’: Obama’s Literary Agent Misidentified His Birthplace in 1991.” Multiple times.




That was the best she could do: Shaddup, birthers! It’s someone else’s fault! We’re disappointed she didn’t find a way to blaaaame Booooosh!

Here are some facts for Karen Tumulty:

But we suppose it doesn’t matter to Tumulty. Facts seem to make her head hurt:


Hat tip: Alison Robinson


Karen Tumulty wrote a post this afternoon elaborating on her theory that the Breitbart.com story is a form of birtherism. Note the language in the tweet the Washington Post uses to promote Tumulty’s post: